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Submissions are listed below in the general order in which they were received. I've thrown in photos where I thought they were appropriate. My comments are in bold italics.

Hugo Weaving or Leonard Nimoy as Mathieu Schneider

- Ryan Conrad of Irvine

Comment: Ryan sent these pictures in an email directly to me. I think he's trying to say something about Mathieu's ears.

How about the guy that played Sark on Alias and Adam/Kensei on Heroes as Pahlsson. I think his name is David Anders. He is a perfect match. Clive Owen might be better for Beauchemin.

- Jessica Krill of Capistrano Beach

Comment: She’s right on with the Anders one. I had never seen that guy before, but it’s pretty close.

Getzlaf ... Ben Affleck
Kent Huskins ... Matt Damon
Parros ... Tom Selleck
Jiggy ... Bruce Willis
Perry ... Sean Penn, but only from Fast TImes - I want to see Perry put sunblock on his nose; maybe Kiefer Sutherland.
O'Donnell ... Jack Fox (the guy from Lost).
Brian Burke ... Donald Trump
Brad May ... Kiefer Sutherland (if not taken), or Matthew McConaughey
Kunitz ... "Prince Edward" (See Enchanted)
Schneider .. Tim Dalton
McDonald ... Tom Cruise
R. Neidermayer ... George Eads (CSI's Nick Stokes) or Vincent D'Onofrio (Law/Order CI)
Beauchemin ... Chris Meloni (Law/Order SVU) or George Clooney
Bertuzzi ... Brad Pitt
Pronger ... Dolph Lungren (he's 6'4" by the way)
Carlisle ...Jon Voight (See IMDb)

- Abe Salen of Mission Viejo

Comment: I'm not sure what "if not taken" means on Kiefer Sutherland. Maybe he's worried that Kiefer might be busy shooting "24". Is Abe actually casting this?

Matt Damon as Chris Kunitz, Carrot Top as Marchant (no offense intended). John Travolta as Getzy, and of course, Brian Hayward would HAVE to play himself

- Aaron Figueroa of San Fernando

Comment: No offense intended? Whenever people say this, there is usually some offense taken.

Not sure that Yanni does any acting but he definitely looks like George Parros.

Also, It is funny to think that one of the best defensemen in the NHL actually resembles the guy that played Balky (Bronson Pinchot). Here is a pic of me with Scott Niedermeyer last year and a photo of Bronson.

- Rob Rohm of Orange

Comment: This may single-handedly keep Scotty from coming back.


Timothy Olyphant as Ryan Getzlaf. And... Johnny Depp as George Parros. Look at that! They're long lost brothers. If only the Master of the porn 'stache wasn't so tall.

- Vinnie Leduc

Comment: Well done, Vinny. Although, I don't think height is an issue in the movies. I mean, look how often Tom Cruise has played a grown man.

I've always thought that my all-time favorite Ducks player Sean O'Donnell looks like Russell Crowe. Can't you see it? Watch "Mystery, Alaska" if you don't believe me. Better still, just take my word for it.

Rob Niedermeyer looks a little like Peter Krause from Six Feet Under and Dirty, Sexy Money.

Will this movie include Emilio Estevez? :)

I think Donnie Wahlberg could pass as a credible Jiggy.

I remember watching Fantastic Four a year or two ago thinking that Ioan Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic) looks like Ryan Getzlaf.

Put Getzy in a blue form-fitting super hero suit or put Ioan in a #15 Ducks uniform and you seriously would not be able to tell the difference.

- Courtney Knapp of Costa Mesa

Comment: These came in three different submissions, but I combined them into one. They just kept coming to her, apparently.

Ilya Bryzgalov: Tom Cruise
JS Giguere: Trey Parker (think South Park)
Ric Jackman: Ben Stiller
Sean O’Donnell: Dennis Quaid
François Beauchemin- David Schwimmer
Chris Pronger- Dolph Lundgren (in his prime in Rocky 4)
Scotty Niedermayer- Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver himself)
Joe Dipenta- Matt Lauer (news guys, could give a nice cameo)
Kent Huskins- John Cusack
Teemu Selanne- George Clooney (cause he’s just that hot)
Corey Perry- Ed Harris (when he was in his prime)
Chris Kunitz- Val Kilmer (from his Batman days)
Ryan Getzlaf- Leonardo DiCaprio
George Parros- Jason Lee
Dustin Penner- Ryan Gosling
Drew Miller- Luke Wilson
Andy McDonald- Stuart Townsend
Todd Marchant- Ron Howard
Brad May- Matt Damon
Samuel Pahlsson- Hayden Christenson
Travis Moen- Dane Cook
Robby Niedermayer- Peter Sarsgaard
Shawn Thornton- Ashton Kutcher

- Ash Carter of Powell, Wyo.

Comment: I’m surprised Ash didn’t cast the trainers and equipment guys.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Andy McDonald
Owen Wilson as Corey Perry
Ben Kingsley as Dave Farrish

- Michelle Whitmore of Highland

Comment: I like that Michelle picked two well-known players … and an assistant coach

The title should be "The Best Year in the NHL." I like the ideas for Leo and Gene. Brad Pitt should play Ryan Getzlaf.

- Sara of Las Vegas

Comment: Or not.

Sammy Pahlsson - David Anders

Antoine Vermette (if you HAVE to have the Senators) - Ashton Kutcher

I can kind of see the Randy Carlyle/Gene Hackman thing... but I think it's the haircut.

 Other ideas:
Dustin Penner - Ryan Hurst
George Parros - The Rock (a lot of people will say Johnny Depp, but he's too small. Besides, it would be funny to se The Rock on skates.)
Drew Miller - Shia LaBeouf (because I can see him sitting on a folding chair in the locker room)
Ryan Getzlaf - Paul Walker (not because I think they look anything alike, but I wouldn't mind seeing Paul Walker in the movie.)

- Keriann of Salt Lake City

Comment: Nice work by Keriann on this one. I like the fact that she also cast Antoine Vermette. I would have to look him up to remember what he looks like, and she's right. Ryan Hurst is little-known, except for the fact that he played Gary Bertier in Remember the Titans, the linebacker who became paralyzed. Keriann definitely pulled that one out of her…

George Clooney as Sean O'Donnell
Josh Groban as Drew Miller
Ron Howard as Todd Marchant
Daniel Craig as Newell Brown

- Wendy Walker of San Pedro

Comment: I’m sure Newell would be pleased with that one. The Josh Groban one is dead on for Drew Miller.

Of course the STAR of the film would have to be Russell Crowe as Brad May.....I'd pay just to see him in a salon getting the tips of his hair bleached blond. Ooooh baby! Possible understudy: Kurt Russell.

How about Daniel Radcliffe for Chris Kunitz......without the Harry Potter glasses, but with his clothes on!

- Laura Maddy of Anaheim

Comment: I think Laura needs a cold shower.

Title: Chasing the Cup the Ducks Way

Randy Carlyle - Gene Hackman
Scott Niedermayer - Clive Owen
Rob Niedermayer - Tom Cruise
Teemu Selanne - Johnny Depp
Chris Pronger - David Letterman(LOL)
Sammy Pahlsson - Leo DiCaprio
Ryan Getzlaf - Brad Pitt
Corry Perry - Orlando Bloom
Brad May - Hugh Jackman
Todd Marchant - Steve Carell
George Parros - Christian Bale
Francois Beauchemin - George Clooney
Chris Kunitz - Mark Walberg
Andy McDonald - Matt Damon

- Ricky Herrera of Santa Ana

Comment: All I can say is the budget on actors fees for this one would be outrageous.

Drew Miller - Ryan Gosling
Sean O’Donnell - Huey Lewis
Francois Beauchemin - Clive Owen
Brad May - Russell Crowe
Samuel Pahlsson - Hayden Christensen
J.S. Giguere - Chris Elliott
Chris Pronger - Tab Hunter (old-timer)
Joe DiPenta - David Duchovny (maybe)

- Anthony Calabro of Rancho Mirage

Comment: Some of these were pretty out there. Huey Lewis? Chris Elliott? But you have to love the effort.

The movie will be titled, "Hey, Dude...Where's my Cup"? Canada is overcome with anger and rage over our possession of Lord Stanley’s Cup. So they send in a "Top Gun Cup-Snatching Team". Only they're easily detected by their Canadian tuxedoes (blue jeans and jean jackets). But Corry Perry, played by Anthony Michael Hall, and Ryan Getzlaf, played by Freddie Mercury, are kidnapped while line dancing with the Stanley Cup to "Footloose" and wake up on the cold bathroom floor of a Denny’s restaurant in Barstow with L.A. Kings jerseys on and no Stanley Cup! Just then Coach Gene Hackman bursts through the door and says," First things first, get those Kings jerseys off or you'll never touch the Stanley Cup again!" Just then, Todd Bertuzzi and Brad May, played by Hawall 5-0’s Jack Lord and his sidekick, James MacArthur, respectively, fall into the bathroom with bits of denim in their teeth, some blood on their shirts and the Stanley Cup hoisted high above the stall doors.

- Dweighn Secrist of Rancho Santa Margarita

Comment: Whoa. This one blew me away for many reasons. First of all, it was riddled with spelling errors, which made me wonder if Dweighn spelled his own name right. His name looks like the alias Ryan Seacrest uses when he checks into hotels. But you have to admire the effort Dweighn made on this one, kooky as it may be.

Tom Selleck as George Parros (makeup can do wonders these days, can't it?). If that didn't work out - Ashton Kutcher could grow a mo. He's big and hot too.

- Toni of Huntington Beach

Comment: Ashton Kutcher is big? He’s got to be like 6-2, 135 pounds.

Johnny Depp (with his Jack Sparrow face) as George Parros.

- Roby Brown of Austin, Texas

Comment: We got a few of that one.

The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Brad May, just because of Brad's love for Arnold in Commando.

- Tim Hollenback of Ventura

Comment: Tim's been watching the Ducks DVD. But this one is a bit of a stretch.

Hugh Grant as Selanne. Jason Statham as Giggy

- No name given

Comment: I always thought Hugh Grant was one of those actors who guys are afraid to say they like. It's kind of like admitting you like Coldplay.

Samuel Pahlsson - David Anders (Alias/Heroes)

- Michael of Newport Beach

Comment: There's that one again.

If Freddie Mercury, lead singer of queen, was still alive, he could play Parros!

- DUCKSFAN! of San Bernardino

Comment: Actually, I have a female friend who thinks Freddie Mercury, without the mustache, looks like Ryan Getzlaf. See what you think.

Teemu Selanne - Viggo Mortenson
Brad May - Robin Williams
Todd Marchant - Bruce Willis
Chris Pronger - Alexander Godunov (although I just found out he's dead)
Dustin Penner - Foghorn Leghorn

- Penny Long of Laguna Beach

Comment: Not sure if that’s a shot at Dustin or not.

I think Marchant should be played by Vern Troyer, aka Mini Me from Austin Powers.

- Ken of Rowland Heights

Comment: Ouch.

Todd Marchant (during play-offs with a beard and longish hair) looks like Ewan McGregor with a beard, like when he rode a motorcycle around the world for "Long Way Round." And I love them both.

- Katie Bradley of Brea

Comment: That one’s better for Todd. Although, this one briefly scared me because of the name of the woman who submitted it. My grandmother’s name was Katie Brady. And she died four years ago.

Ron Niedermayer can be played by Rob Lowe and Bill Clinton for Burkie!

- Anthony of Anaheim Hills

Comment: I cleaned up the misspellings on most of these, but I had to leave this one alone.

Jesse Plemons (of Friday Night Lights) as Todd Marchant

- Tony Bartoli of Garden Grove

Comment: Great call, if only Jesse Plemons was a little older. By the way, he’s one of the best actors on TV that you’ve never heard of. But I've always thought he looks like Matt Damon if Matt Damon got the crap beaten out of him.

A few months ago I found a picture of the team after they won the Western Conference Finals last season, and I realized that Drew Miller looks a lot like Dave Annable from the ABC series Brothers and Sisters.

- Emma of Buffalo

Comment: Pretty close.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Corey Perry
Matt Damon as Chris Kunitz
Brad Pitt as Ryan Getzlaf
Johnny Depp as George Parros
Tom Hanks as Brad May

- Andrew Davis of Brea

Comment: There’s that Johnny Depp again.

Okay, I think these are pretty darn good casting choices--these guys not only look a little like who they'd be portraying, but seem to also share personality traits as well.

Chris Jericho as Chris Pronger

Raoul Bova as Francois Beauchemin (so the accent's a little/lot different, he's a man of few words...)

Tobey Maguire as Andy McDonald

And Courtney Gaines as Daniel Alfredsson, the nemesis.

And a naughty thought to end this: The casting couch will probably need to be utilized to land these roles.

- Millicent of Garden Grove

Comment: Shame on you, Millicent. This is a family website. Also, I’d never heard of Raoul Bova or Courtney Gaines before. Then I realized Gaines is the redhead in the classic film Can’t Buy Me Love, who is friends with Ronald, played by Patrick Dempsey, and screams at him for throwing an unmentionable object at his house. Well done, Millicent.

Steve the guy who plays Michael in the office as Andy McDonald

- No name given

Comment: I just love the fact that this person couldn’t remember the last name of one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

Title: A Time to Penalty Kill

Starring: Ron Jeremy as George Parros
Russell Crowe as Brad May
Steve Buschemi as Corey Perry
Hugh Jackman as Chris Pronger
Fred Thompson as Randy Carlye

- Rick Johnson of Newport Beach

Comment: Love the title on this one. Not to mention, the Ron Jeremy reference.

Corey Perry...Thad Luckinbill (Young & the Restless)
Chris Kunitz...Seth Green
Chris Pronger...Dylan O'Neal (Blood Ties)
Rob Niedermayer...Chris Potter (KungFu: The Legend Continues)
Francois Beauchemin.....Eddie Cahill (Miracle)
George Parros...Benicio Del Toro

- Heidi Livermore of Blair, Neb.

Comment: Heidi definitely went the obscure route.

Tobey McGuire as Andy McDonald
Benicio Del Toro as Todd Bertuzzi
Kyle Chandler as Sean O'Donnell
Stephen Colbert as Scott Niedermayer (with glasses)
Adam Brody as Drew Miller
Jake Gyllenhaal as Teemu Selanne
Adrian Grenier as Francois Beauchemin
Dennis Leary as Chris Pronger (although John Buccigross says David Letterman as Chris Pronger)
Jesse Metcalfe as Ryan Getzlaf
Dominic Monaghan as Corey Perry (too short maybe)

- Karen of Irvine