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Travis Moen

“Trapper” or “Moe”

Favorite NHL city to visit
Chicago. I played in Chicago and I always like going back there.

Favorite NHL team growing up

Edmonton Oilers

Favorite food
Steak. The Anaheim White House is good for steak and you can’t go wrong with Morton’s.

What other sport would you play if you didn’t play hockey?

Soccer. I played as a kid.

Favorite kind of music/band
I like everything from country to rock and rap. My favorite band is probably Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Most famous person you’ve met outside of hockey?
Cuba Gooding Jr.

Favorite actor
Will Ferrell

Favorite actress
Jessica Alba

Favorite TV shows
24, Lost, Prison Break

Other sports you like to watch
Soccer, baseball, football. I have a wide range.

Favorite movie
Dazed and Confused. It’s a classic.

First car
1999 Ford F-150

If you could be any other Ducks player
Definitely not Getzlaf, he’s balding. I’ll go with Joe DiPenta.

Favorite vacation spot

Worst injury sustained in hockey