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Francois Beauchemin


Beauch or Frankie.

Favorite NHL team growing up
Montreal Canadiens

Favorite Food

Favorite Band

Favorite Movie

I’ve got a couple. I really like Remember the Titans and Men of Honor

Favorite Actor
Al Pacino. I like him the best in Any Given Sunday.

Favorite Actress

Charlize Theron

Favorite TV shows
I watch a lot of 24 and Grey’s Anatomy

Other sports you like to watch
I’ve gotten into football the last couple of years. It’s not very big in Canada, but here everybody watches it. I don’t really have a favorite team. I just watch whatever is on.

Favorite vacation spot

I haven’t taken too many vacations in my whole life. I just like to hang out in the offseason and go up north. My brother-in-law has a camp on the lake in Quebec. I like to go there.

Worst injury sustained
Last year I broke my jaw. They didn’t have to wire it shut. I just had surgery and they put two plates in. It was tough, but it was during the playoffs. I only missed one game because I really wanted to get back against Minnesota.

Best player he’s faced in the NHL

I think it would be Alex Ovechkin. He is really good.

Most prized possession
My Stanley Cup ring. I keep it at home. I wore it on Thanksgiving. We had friends over so I wore it for that dinner and I also wore it on Christmas Day. That’s the only two days that I’ve worn it so far.