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Chris Kunitz

“Kuni,” “Hedgehog” or “C-Jack”

Favorite NHL cities to visit
Chicago. We spend summers there. I like the city and the food.

Favorite NHL team growing up
Vancouver Canucks.

Favorite food
Steak and Chicago-style pizza

Other sport you’d play if not hockey
I liked lacrosse and soccer growing up. I played lacrosse in high school and soccer until I was 19. I enjoy golf in the offseason. If I have to pick one, maybe golf.

Favorite band
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite actor
Edward Norton. I like him in “Rounders.” He’s good in “Fight Club” and a couple different ones.

Favorite actress
There’s so many of them. I’m going to say Jessica Alba.

Favorite TV shows
“House,” “Family Guy,” and “Two and Half Men”

Favorite movie
“Caddyshack” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” Maybe “Cinderella Man” in there.

First car
A Mercury Lynx. It was a little four-cylinder. I think it was an ’82 and it was white.

Favorite vacation spot
I like Maui. I’ve been to Hawaii twice, but Maui once.

Worst injury sustained in hockey
I had a broken jaw. It was wired shut for six weeks. I had to have everything through a straw. I lost 18 to 19 pounds.

Toughest playoff opponent
Toughest team was Edmonton when we lost to them. That was our last playoff loss. That was a tough building as well in Canada and the atmosphere.

On the emotions of the playoffs
It’s all about staying in the moment and not thinking too far ahead. It is a grind, but if you keep that single focus and pull toward that one goal, everybody keeps momentum going that way. It’s tough mentally to keep the energy going to that one focus, but if you can do that, then things usually work out for you.