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I asked fans to email me stories of encounters with Brad May or their favorite memories of him, and they responded in a major way. Here they are:

The guy just loves the game, the fans, everything about hockey. I've had a few occasions to chat with him since he became a Duck.

-  At the London games he went around to many tables at the fan "meet & greet" to say hello, also asking if he could sign anything for us. Was one of the last players to leave the gathering, wanting to make sure he said hello to just about everyone there. Repeatedly thanked us for making the long trip to London to see them play the Kings. Nice.

- One of the (several) times he appeared at the postgame radio show in the Jack Daniels Club, he had his son with him. There were many kids there, and Brad had been in a fight with Barch (Dallas Stars) that game. He made a point of distinguishing between sanctioned fighting in the NHL vs. outside of hockey. Wanted to make sure the kids understood the ethics and appropriateness of adult game fights, and how it is never to extend beyond the ice. Admitted to some of his own past mistakes, and explained the "fight code" of conduct. Very pointed and articulate discussion that made an obvious impression on all the wide-eyed kids there. Classy!

- He would often just walk up to folks at practices, events, etc. extend his hand and say "Hi, I'm Brad - nice to meet you!" like you were his best friend or something. At the recent Fedorin Cup reception, he noticed us laughing at some goofball thing Todd Marchant was doing, and said: "here, give me your camera - I'll take a photo of you with that clown there!"  … and he did.

- During a trip last summer to Idaho, got a call from our friend down at the boat docks on Lake Coeur d'Alene, stating "hey, I just gave a ride to some guy who got stranded out on the lake here - said he plays ice hockey for the Anaheim Ducks. Talked my ear off, but what a really nice guy!" It was Brad, of course.

- At a Toronto game (road trip for about 20 fans) during warmups on the ice, he suddenly noticed my recently acquired "May Day" jersey and practically jumped out of his skates. Shouted out he would sign it later, while elbowing his teammates to take a look at the gal over there with his jersey - like, "see, somebody remembers my May Day goal" perhaps?! Was pretty funny, and indeed, he did later sign it with a very nice personalized autograph.

- During the same road trip, I met Brad's mom after the Montreal game. What a delightful woman, who loved to smile, laugh, and tell tales from Brad's youth. After 15 minutes or so of conversation, her friends were reminding her it was time to go, etc. when she remarked "now you can see where he gets it from - I just can't ever stop talking! Here, let's get a photo before you go." One of my favorite momentos from that trip - my photo of Brad May's mom and me.

I am happy for him he gets to play for his hometown crowd, but man oh man - will miss that buggar! I like his style of play, and his love of the game brings excitement and inspiration to all us fans - as well as inside the locker room I suspect.

- Laura

Last season, my family arrived at a game early so our boys, 5 and 8, could watch the team warm up. We were waiting by the tunnel. Brad May came out early to hang out in the tunnel. My youngest decided to talk to him. Here is how the conversation went down: 

Cameron: “Hey, Mister! You have on a Ducks shirt! I like the Ducks. Do you like the Ducks, too?”
Brad: “Yes, little buddy, I like the Ducks, too!”
Cameron: “That's cool! I really like the Ducks.”
Brad: “I'm very glad to hear that!”
Cameron: “Hey, you have on ice skates! Are they very hard to walk in?”
Brad: “(laughs) I've been wearing ice skates longer than you've been alive! Is it hard for you to walk in your shoes?”
Cameron: “(laughs) No. It isn't hard at all!”
Brad: “Well, it isn't hard for me to walk in my skates, either.”
Cameron: “That's good. I like the Ducks. I hope they win today.”
Brad: “Me, too, little buddy. I do, too.”
So, for the entire game, Cameron would ask, "Is that my best friend? Where's my best freend? Hey! I see my best friend!" Needless to say, it made an impression.
Brad, you will be missed. Our family loves you, and wishes you all the best!

- Sarah

Brad has been great with my kids for two seasons. Always acknowledging them with taps on the glass at 206 during warm ups, smiles, and pucks. We have over 12 pucks from Brad in our memorabilia case. We have two Brad May sweaters. This year at Face Off Fest, we waited in line to see him. As we walked up to the table, he said to us (my wife Susan, my 8-year-old son, my 6-year-old daughter and myself) "It is great to finally meet you," as he was sitting next to Jonas Hiller. He then turns to Hiller and says "these guys are my No. 1 fans." Shannon, my 6-year-old, told him that she loved him and that he always gives Blake the pucks. At the next game Brad skates out for warm ups with 2 sticks and tosses one over the glass for Shannon. It was too cool. Everyone in 206 at warm ups knew we are some of his biggest fans.
I e-mailed you last year following the Dallas Stars Game when Brad went to to toe with Barch 1/15/08. My wife loves Brad so much and he was such a bad a-- in that fight that I walked down to the team store and bought his game worn sweater between periods for $600 and gave it to my wife. He was on fire that night. See the sweater now once I told him when we got it, he personalized it for Susan.
A month ago, my son Blake was at hockey practice and Brad's daughter was there. He recognized Susan and they chatted for awhile, our kid's ended up skating together. The point of this one is that he was encouraging, friendly and down to earth. He was like a friend to us and our kids. AMAZING!
I always knew if Brad was playing or not as he would tell me during warm ups. I knew something was up and called it two weeks ago - I told my friends that I bet he's off to Toronto. Just a guess, but I was right.
Adam, please do your best to say goodbye to Brad for us. If you have any way what so ever to pass this onto him, we will be grateful as all get out! Shannon and Blake are sooooooooo bummed - Shannon cried herself to sleep tonight!

- Phil and Susan Reed

I was so sad to hear about Brad May being traded. Just wanted to pass along a story about Brad May and his family...

The evening of Game 5 I was sitting in the Jack Daniel's Club anxiously awaiting the start of the game. I was seated at one of the bar tables with a great view of the ice and I was by myself waiting for my friends to arrive. A guy came over to the table and asked if he could join me and I hate to admit it, but I was completely stand offish letting him know that my friends would soon be arriving and basically trying to get him to leave me alone. Thank God he was persistent and asked if he could buy me a drink, and since I never turn down a free drink I accepted his offer and invited him to sit down until my friends arrived.

Turns out as we began talking about how excited we were about the game he revealed that he was one of Brad May's good friends who had just flown in for the night from Ottawa to watch the game. About 10  minutes later he excused himself from the table (Canadians are so polite) and said he'd be right back he just needed to let his friends know where he was. When he returned to my now crowded table (my friends had finally arrived) he brought with him Brad May's Brother, Mom, Dad and a couple of his Uncle's. Introductions were made, the game started and we all shared the table and several drinks as we watched the game.

His family was so gracious and thankful to us for letting them "crash" our table, but we were the ones who really had something to be thankful for. I will never forget how amazing it was to watch that game sitting next to Brad May's mother, who was beaming and screaming and just so proud of her son and to spend the night toasting and celebrating with his dad, his brother and his hilarious uncles. It was no surprise that when I met Brad early the next season that he was one of the nicest people I've ever met, a true reflection of his parents and family. To this day I still stay in contact with his friend and family via email. Gotta love those Canadians...they are so nice!

I've attached a couple of pics from that night. The first is a pic of Brad's brother, uncles and dad (his dad is the one in the white jersey) and the second is a pic of me with Brad's mom shortly before they won the game and the third is me and Brad's brother.

- Nichole

I finally met Brad May for the first time last Sunday (Jan. 4th) after the game against Phoenix. I took my niece and nephew to the game for their birthdays (1/4 & 1/6). We were headed to our car after the game, when my husband spottted May talking to a couple outside the arena. We waited for him to the side as to not interrupt his conversation, but when he saw my niece standing there with her shirt and Sharpie in hand, he waved us over. I told him it was their birthday, so he proceeded to wish them an exuberant "Happy birthday, guys" and asked them how old they were. He even let me take a picture of him with the kids (attached).

He was so nice and friendly to us, he truly made their night. I don't think I could've bought them a better birthday present. They will always remember that night thanks to a great, down to earth guy who never thought he was too big or too good to take time out to talk to his fans. I'm really sorry to see him go. He was one of my all-time favorite Ducks and I'll miss him!

- Najat

My two sons (6 and 3) and I were at practice, I think late last season. During the practice Brad took a puck off the foot and quickly left the ice. After, we were waiting for autographs and Brad finally made his way out -- on crutches. I said something like "Tough luck. What's the prognosis?" He said it was broken and I said I was sorry, especially since he had been playing so well.

"Yeah, it's real s----y," he said, immediately getting a look on his face like he had insulted the president. He looked at the kids and then back at me: "I'm so sorry."

"It's nothing at all. They hear worse," I consoled (the 3-year-old already chants "ref, you suck" so it really wasn't a big deal).

"No, I'm really, really sorry." You could tell he was absolutely mortified.

He was so absolutely sincere and genuine that I will never forget that encounter.

Some time later, we also bumped into Brad at practice. I was collecting autographs on a photo mat for each of my boys. We have a family portrait with the Cup and I wanted all the members of the 2007 team to sign it for the kids. There was a tournament at Anaheim Ice that day and a bunch of kids from out of town were seeking signatures as well. Brad signed a few, but then gave a sincere apology that he was rushed to get to his son's game.

While he finished up the signatures (I opted to wait and let the out- of-town fans get them), I asked about the game. Brad said he was headed to Ontario for a playoff game.

The next night, as Brad waited in the tunnel to come out for warm ups, I yelled down and ask about the outcome of the game. He just lit up when he talked about his son's team winning. It was the same smile he had while accompanying the Cup on the Rose Parade float or standing next to the Governator.

In those two moments, I got a glimpse of Brad May the person and parent -- one who loves his kids and one who didn't want a very minor slip of the tongue to mar an experience for someone else's kids. Not a Cup-winning athlete, but a guy who connected with people (crazy fans like me included) because he cared.

- Marc

Mr. May was always gracious to the youth hockey parents and kids he met at the rinks. His smile is infectious and we all wondered how he could joke around with us and tell us stories that would get us laughing and then go out on the ice and be an enforcer. We will miss is support and enthusiasm for the youth hockey.

I’m just glad that he got to see his son win 1st place hardware at the last tournament over the holidays. He was nothing but smiles and had the video camera in hand to capture the moment. He is a positive role model and a proud dad for sure and I guess that is how we all related to him.

Good luck to him in Toronto – we hope he gets to 1,000 games because that is a goal he really wants to achieve. We will miss him. We wish the May family all the best!

- Jr. Ducks Pee Wee A team 2008-09 , players and families

I was playing golf with Brad May, Joe DiPenta and Scott Lucas (Masters Degree in Mathematics from Vanderbilt). Brad was telling us that after the game the night before his son asked him a geometry question: “What is an isosceles triangle?” Brad did not know and was asking us on the golf course if we knew. Brad had a big cut over his eye from a fight he had the night before. After Scott explained to him what an isosceles triangle was, Brad continued to tell us that he answered his son the night before by saying, “I got hit in the head tonight and cut during a hockey game fight, I have no idea what an isosceles triangle is!”

We all thought that was pretty funny….

I will miss Brad! He is a great guy.

FYI, May Day is a hell of a golfer.

- Rick

Last year my oldest daughter and I went to signings at a local hockey rink to have our hats and pucks signed. We made it to Huntington quickly and had Pronger and Beauchemin sign and so we thought we'd head out to Yorba Linda. Our hope was that I would get Brad to sign the puck he had given me the night before. Sadly, he left about 25 minutes before we got there. So, the next night I made a sign to show him at warmups and it said: MAYbe if I had been 24 minutes earlier, BRAD would have signed my puck. (Clever huh?) He read it, laughed and then gave me his stick through the photographer's window! He's the best and I will definitely miss him!

- Christy

My son Cole is officially "off treatment" after three years of chemotherapy for Leukemia and a huge Brad May fan (as is his the rest of his family). The absolute highlight (and there were plenty of low points) of Cole's treatment was meeting Mr. May at CHOC hospital and at various events.

We wanted to relay thanks to Mr. May and his family for opening our eyes to the kindness in professional sports. Mr. May's words and smile at CHOC will never be forgotten. Cole was so inspired by the kindness of Mr. May (and the whole team for that matter) that he has become a "Make-a-Wish Ambassador" -- always remembering to give back. We will be grateful forever to the Ducks and Mr. May for their awesome community efforts. Not all professional teams care as much as the Ducks do and Anaheim has the best team because of it.

With thanks and warm regards,

Oh no, one of the Christmas Presents I bought for my wife this year was a Brad May jersey. He's her favorite player, and up until now, she always wore Ducks jerseys without any names or numbers.

We spoke to him at length at both this year's and last year's Meet the Team functions. I told him how I had bought a pair of his game-used gloves at the annual equipment sale, and how they were unquestionably the smelliest things I've ever come across! He laughed and told me a story about how his wife would get mad at him for leaving his stuff in the trunk of their car, causing the heat to further intensify the aroma! He also told me a story about the on-ice celebration immediately following the Cup win where his daughter, at the urging of eager fans, tossed the gloves and other items of his teammates into the stands! He gently told her that she shouldn't do that as they might want to hang onto that sort of stuff as mementos.
He's a class guy and a gutsy player. We'll miss him greatly. Yet another piece of our championship team gone all too soon.

- Bruce

It was this years Face Off Fest and a friend of mine and a friend of hers were in line to get autographs from Hiller...I mean...Jonasty and May Day. While in line, one of my companions decided it would be a great idea to ask May Day to take a picture of us...not with us.

I of course found it to be a hilarious idea and a great one at that...it was Brad May, of course he would find it hilarious too.

So we get our turn with Mr.May and our friend who came up with the idea (and the one with the camera) steps up to him and with a completely serious face, hands Brad the camera and asks him to take a picture. Not thinking twice Brad grabs the camera and then suddenly realizes what he is holding with what could only be described as a completely shocked and bewildered face.

He stopped for a split second and timidly asked..."Wait, what?" and again our friend asks for him to take a picture. I of course am busting up laughing behind my friend, at not only Brad's face but his reaction. He holds up the camera with a giggle and a smile, "Oh! Of course!"

So we now have a picture that May Day took of us and of course one with him.

- Bailey

So we try to get to the games for the warm ups most of the time.

One game my 10-year-old was leaning on the glass, back towards the ice. So he really wasn’t watching them. So May skated up and checked the glass where he was leaning. And then laughed and skated off. All of us around him laughed as well.

- Scot

The first date I went on with my boyfriend, Garry, was to a Ducks game back in March of '06 (we still have the Ducks Digest and the ticket) and I remember the first time I saw Brad May, it was the day before he got traded to Ducks. I decided during that Avalanche game that he was going to be my arch nemesis because he was fighting Chris Pronger and I was going to boo him every chance I got. I boo any opponent who tries to fight a Duck anyway so he was getting no special treatment. Then he got traded to the Ducks and I had to think to myself how I was going to accept this guy into our organization. I eventually found a way because he was a fighter and one of the most charismatic guys I had ever met.

At last year's Face Off Fest, I had him sign a picture and then I ran to Garry and told him all about it as I was shaking because afterall, I had just met Brad May! I was not able to talk to Brad because I was just so star struck. I would yell "Let May play" during games when he was not getting enough ice time last season.

I again met Brad this year with Garry at Face Off Fest and this year's experience was so much better. Garry (the one who made the Bash Brothers sign George commented on) started telling Brad how huge of a fan I am and about my chants. Brad seriously talked to us for what felt like an eternity but might have only been five mintues. He signed my jersey (the first signature I had ever received from a professional athlete) and he wrote: "Courtney, Thanks for your support. Your friend, Brad May #24".  

Garry and I told Brad about the idea we had for shirts, mine would say on the front " I love Brad May" and on the back it would say "because he is a fighter, not a lover." Garry's shirt would say, "Brad May stole my girlfriend" and then "May vs Kuroda, Honda Center, Battle of the Brawlers." The following day, we wore the shirts to the Oct 3rd Ducks vs. Coyotes game and went down to the ice during warm ups. We showed Brad our shirts, he laughed and threw a puck over the ice to me. Those were two of the best hockey days in my life. I was hoping to get that puck signed and now I don't know if that will happen.

As I called my boyfriend crying this morning because I saw that Toronto had stolen another Duck that was important to me, I realized why the Brad May loss was so hard on me – he truly was our friend. I don't know any other sport where the players, especially the Ducks, take so much time out of their busy days and lives to interact with fans. Brad May was a fans' player, whether it was a quick conversation, an autograph, a puck over the ice or an awesome hit he laid on an opponent. To me, Brad May is the epitome of what it means to be a Duck. I was looking forward to seeing him hit the 1,000 games mark in a Ducks uniform, now I just hope he hits 1,000 games. He will definitely be missed and I wish him all the best in hockey and in life. He made me a hockey fan for life.
- Courtney

I was so sad to hear that May is no longer a Duck :( Thank you for a great blog entry about him. I'm also saddened about all it because May is the only Ducks player that I actually got to see face to face and get an autograph from. Kinda hard to pile up those kinds of trophies when living in Chi-town.

But I finally made it to the game in Anaheim and that day it was May's interview in the Jack Daniel’s Club. He was so hilarious and quick to respond to people in the crowd and Sevy picking on him. Such a pleasure to watch and listen. Great guy. Will surely be missed. I had a kind of "Ducks manicure" going: black nails with bright orange stripe across, so when I gave him the yearbook to sign, he first started signing but I was holding it open and midway I guess he noticed the nails so he looked up gave a little bit funny smile and said something like "cool" or "nice" (was a bit too loud). Yeah, nice,  as soon as I get my first Ducks player encounter he gets traded... fair? Don't think so...

I really hope he gets welcomed at the Toronto and people  there will like him as much as we Ducks fans did and will even though he's playing for bad (I wanted to write another word) team.

- Tatiana

The first (and last) time I met Brad May was in London during the fan reception at O2 Arena. He was just about to leave at the end of it, but we caught him and asked him for a picture. I took one of him and my boyfriend, then as I approached him for my picture I apologized for keeping him, and he sincerely said "No problem! No problem" before our picture was snapped. We thanked him and he stopped and said "You're welcome, I hope you enjoy your trip!" before he walked away. I was pretty star struck during the whole reception, but the fact that all of the Ducks, including May, were so down to earth helped me to not be as intimidated.

- Teresa

Brad May was the only Duck in history to be in the Rose Parade, on a float, with the Cup! I was sitting in the stands down around the end of the parade waiting for my chance to cheer him on. I was not disappointed! In a cast, swaying with the platform he was placed on and resting one guarding hand on that precious silver trophy, Brad was smiling, waving, talking and pointing and giving the thumbs up to all those people cheering and yelling his name (all four or five of us). Enthusiasm, your name is Brad May! He will truly be missed.

- Linda

I am truly bummed at the news of Brad May leaving, but I can understand and would much rather wish the guy the best of luck with his new team. Right when he hurt his knee this year I told my girlfriend that I thought that was probably the end. Only because I understand sports-ending knee injuries myself. After seeing him come back and put on a brave face to pretend like it was just a scratch seemed like a small little lie (I mean that in the most sincerest way and any good-character athlete, I truly believe, would do the same), and I truly hoped it was only a scratch. I think Ahlers or Hayward said during a telecast upon May returning from his knee bang up a couple of weeks later that you could guarantee that he was not 100% but you know he wanted to contribute. A testament to May's proud and hard work ethic. But after not seeing him on the ice game after game I feared the inevitable that he would either be traded or retire.

For Christmas, my girlfriend got me a pair of tickets on the Club level red line, right beneath the cameras for the New Year’s Eve Blue Jackets game. We got there as we always do about an hour or more early. Since no one was there yet, she said lets go down to where the players come out, so you can grab some pictures. Also because I normally sit close to the seats she got me and I always see Brad May first out and talking to fans. We camped out there for a few minutes and sure enough he came out. He made some small talk with the clamoring fans and my girlfriend was flipping out because she was a little star struck. She looked up at me and I grabbed a picture with Brad behind her. Brad looked up and smiled at her and me. It was very cool.

Even though I would like to forget that game overall, I did get to see him play in the Ducks uniform one last time. His check against the boards where he went sideways and took out two Blue Jackets was priceless. The guy just works so hard.

I wish other professional athletes would take a page from his book and of professionalism. Yeah he fights and so on, but it's part of the game and it's left on the ice. Class act.

- Brent

I had the fortunate opportunity to skate with Brad at Anaheim Ice one day when he was teaching his younger daughter how to skate. I'll never forget skating by him and thinking that in just one push of the skate he could lay me out for good against the boards. But at the same time you could see this huge smile of pride on his face as he watched his daughter learn how to skate backwards. Oh yeah, and the size of his quads were just mind-blowing huge.

I'll never forget the time when he threw his arms up in the air and let out a big yell to the crowd after he had just beaten an opponent to a bloody pulp in a game during the 06-07 season. I think that one is on the highlight reels.

He will be missed,

I would like to give a moment of silence for Brad May. He is a class act, a hard-nosed hockey player and will be forever missed by my family and me!

Please send him off with much love from Duck fans and tell him thanks for all the memories!

- Damon

I am sorry to see him go also.

My wife and I went to London on the Ducks fan trip and enjoyed meeting all of the players at a meet and greet. I was leaning down to get a picture with Brad May and my wife started to take the picture. He put up one finger to say wait, as he was in the middle of a bite of food. My wife took a picture anyway. Then he got up and I got a good picture with him. Later on the bus someone said that Brad May had told a fan he was number one. I just laughed.
A year later at a player rink tour event I took the picture with me and he just laughed when he saw it and acted like he remembered the situation.
He was a very friendly happy guy.
- John

I work fairly close to the Anaheim Ice facility and go there on my lunch breaks to skate sometimes. One day I went and the Ducks were on the ice practicing; May, Parros, Pahlsson, etc.  So I sat up in the stands, had a slice of pizza and watched the practice.  Anyway, there were two kids standing outside the glass also watching them practice.  After practice, May skated up to the kids and gave one of them his sticks. Not that big of a deal I know, but I just thought that was a cool thing for May to do. 

It caught me off guard that Anaheim would trade him.  Sorry to see him go.       

- Aaron

I never had the opportunity to meet Brad May. But everything I know of him from seeing interviews, the Stanley Cup celebration, etc., demonstrated what a decent, approachable and friendly guy he is. The reason I'm writing is to express my deep disappointment at his departure from the organization as well as the OC community. I always had the feeling that if a fan bumped into him in a restaurant or other public location he'd be more than happy to spend a few minutes chatting without giving the impression it was an imposition. More than any other player I was looking forward to talking and getting a photo with him Monday at the casino night, and that's the truth. I am very sorry to see him go.
- Dana

Brad is a neighbor in Scottsdale when he actually lives here (not often lately). My wife and I jokingly call it Chateau May. He's had Brett Hull, Jovo, Cujo, Auld and Bryz live there at different times in the past few years. Heck, Ken Klee just might be living there now!

The thing with Brad is he makes you feel like a good friend. People just genuinely respond to him.
I was living in Philly during the '96 playoffs when Brad nailed the Flyers’ Shawn Antoskie after Antoskie whacked Matthew Barnaby to ignite the brawl that followed. Boy, we didn't like Brad, Rob Ray or Barnaby back then!
It's good to see Brad back in the east so his friends and family can be closer to him.

We hope the Mays come back home to Scottsdale to live among us when his playing days are over. I could use another golfing buddy.
Thanks for the kind words...
- Ed

My sister and I are season seat holders and frequently go to the Old No. 7 Club for the radio postgame show. One night Brad May was the guest player on the show and after the interview he was waiting for his son outside the Club door. Brad saw us and came right over, he shook our hands and started talking to us asking us questions about ourselves, like where we were from, how long we’d been fans, etc. You would have thought we were the stars and he was the fan…he had that much enthusiasm.


Then at the season opener’s red carpet event, just after the Ducks won the Cup, as Brad came down the red carpet everyone was snapping his picture and we stopped him and asked him about the season and winning the Cup, he said something to the effect of “this is what you really want to see” and he held out his hand with the Stanley Cup ring on. It was awesome! Brad is awesome! We got a great photo of his ring.



We're definitely sorry to see Brad go. He will be missed!

- Sheri and her Sister Sandi


At this year's Face Off Fest, one of our major priorities was to meet Brad May, and maybe get to know a little better the guy behind that charismatic smile we had seen at warmups so many times. While we were standing in line at his and Jonas Hiller's table, a couple of young ladies asked if they could come around behind the table to take a picture next to him. He, of course,obliged, much to the chagrin of security. "Brad,we can't be doing that," they told him. He just let the comment lay there.

When we got to the table my wife said, "Brad, we love you, our kids love you,our grandkids love you. Can I come behind the table for a picture with you?" Brad asked my wife her name. "Sally," she said. Brad looked at security and said,"Sally is the last one."

What a great guy, as real and as warm as they get. That picture along with his game-worn autographed sweater from the Stanley Cup championship year are among our prized possessions.

Brad, I wished we'd known you better.

- Gary and Sally

I went to the "Meet the Team" dinner out at the beautiful San Juan Capistrano Mission by myself. I was hoping to run into Brad May because he knew he would he me feel relaxed. Sure enough, he was the third person I spoke to.

Brad May will talk to anyone about anything. I gave him a picture of him on the Rose Parade float with the Stanley Cup to sign. He saw how the sun was shining on his hair. Next thing he says is, "I wanted to get my hair highlighted again, but I did not know what to tell the hair stylist so I stayed dark." We talked for several minutes and I enjoyed seeing him. 

Later that evening I checkout out the autograph. He signed it and personalized it with this quote: "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

He will be missed my many fans.

- Gail

Last season, I saw the Ducks play at Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, and I got there early to see the Ducks at pregame warmups. There was a small group of Ducks fans huddled around the runway leading to the ice where the Ducks came out. During warmups, I yelled loudly, "MAY DAY!" and he waved to us all. Really cool guy he was, and a positive influence in the locker room. Who could forget some of his epic tilts with Krys Barch, and the time he had some words for Chris Neil in the 2007 Stanley Cup Final? Seeing him play for the Leafs last night was strange, to say the least. He's getting some work in with them too, and wasted no time dropping the mitts with Montreal's Francis Bouillon in a heated game against the rival Canadiens.

- Mike

My friend and I were leaving a Ducks game, and decided to try to get autographs as the players left. Unprepared, as always, we lacked markers, pictures and have a single Ducks Digest between us. We anxiously wait as the players exit. Most of the players left without as much as a glance to the fans. We were just about to leave when we see Brad May stop. Even with his wife and kids in his car, he hops out and starts chatting and signing autographs for the fans.


Noticing a large portion of us don't have anything signable, he goes back to his car and starts rummaging through the glove compartment. He returns with a stack of pictures, the ones from Face Off Fest. He had kept the extra pictures of himself and was now passing them out to the fans.


He took time with each fan to have a personal conversation, whether it was joking about his fights or talking about his family. He gave each fan the feeling that he was truly interested in what they were saying.


Brad May might not have led the Ducks in goals, assists, or even penalty minutes, but he made each fan he talked to feel like they were his friend.


Best of luck in Toronto, May Day.


- Cameron

My fiacce is a HUGE Brad May fan (she even taught our 3-year-old daughter to say "May, May, Woo Hoo Sexy!")  and we are both die-hard ducks fans. We had been dating for a couple years when the Ducks won the Cup. I told her that if the Ducks get a ring, then she'll get a ring. Well, the Ducks got their ring and she got hers. I even used the whole Destiny, Heart, Sacrifice and Passion saying when I proposed. 

When picking a wedding date, we wanted to incorporate the Ducks in some way, and since my fiance is such a huge Brad May fan, we saw that May 24th landed on a weekend in '09, and immediately picked the date. We were going to get some wedding pictures in Ducks May jerseys and now we refuse to get Leafs jerseys. I had to break the unfortunate news to her the other day, and it wasn't a fun thing to do. We were both in shock and sad. We were even going to send him an invitation as a joke. However, we were lucky to meet him at the Face Off Fest and he was the nicest person ever. We wish Brad all the luck as he hopefully gets to get to 1,000 games and will get to play everyday.

- Jeff and Vonnie

It is yet another day

Out of the line-up again, was Brad May

I said no way, to my dismay 

That is what I heard someone say

So I got up with no delay

Gonna go lay by the bay

Time to relax, and hit the hay


Cracked bones, Hard hits is what I hear

Don't worry, there's nothing to fear

To save the day, May Day's here

Time to celebrate with a couple of cheers


When I heard the news I nearly fell to the floor

Then I noticed at the store

To see your name was there no more

Then and there my heart went sore

Wearing my Ducks shirt, it's what I wore


Playing the game tough was never a chore

Always with excitement and never a bore

Flying fists pumping with such galore

Hearing the crowd erupt, every time with a loud roar

The Ducks will now be without number Twenty-Four


Never did I get to meet you

It was something I had wanted to do

Always making your opponent look like a fool

Sometimes scary like a ghoul

Your personality shined like a rare jewel

You will be remembered in Anaheim, as the one who was cool

For that you will always rule

Playing the game strong, just like a tool


But on January eight

Brian Burke took you away, with bait

A return back to Anaheim, the fans will wait

I will always remember this bad date, even though it?s kinda late

A good guy like you, should never have had this awful fate

There will be a new beginning soon, just open the gate


- Stefanie

At the last Face Off Fest at Honda Center, I was taking one of last year's t-shirts around to be signed by as many players as I could.  As I laid the shirt down on May's table, he was very friendly, even asking where I would like to have it signed. As he pulled away, the Sharpie dropped. Brad grabbed for it and it drew a trailing line down the front of the shirt - which already had 8 signatures.  He looked down, then looked up at me, and in all sincerity with a tone of regret said "Looks like I really screwed up your shirt, eh?" 

How the heck can you stay mad at this guy? I shared the story with my friends, all of whom agreed that the "goof" brought a uniqueness to my shirt that you just can't buy at any price.

We will miss you, Brad.  You are a class act!


Brad May will be missed not just for his physical contributions to our Anaheim Ducks team, but even more so, he was such an amazing ambassador for the Ducks organization and the game of hockey, as well as a class act for sure.

On the bench and in the locker room, you could tell from the many sound bites and videos that he was a leader, motivator, and great teammate. He had a part in changing the momentum in many games by his words, energy, or his hard-hitting actions!

Off the ice, he endeared fans to the game of hockey by being so approachable and showing people that not all professional atheletes are self centered, greedy, jerks. As well as his appearance at the many fan events we've heard about, he was always willing to talk to people, even on his own time. My kids play hockey for the Jr. Ducks organization and we are at the Anaheim Ice rink at least three times a week. Brad could regularly be seen there watching his son play, or waiting for him to finish. I can't tell you how many times other hockey parents have commented on what a genuinely down to earth, nice guy he is, asking which kid is theirs, or commenting on how the kids are playing. Like many of the other comments, he genuinely makes people feel like they matter.

The buzz around the rink all last week was how sad everyone was to see him go but we all wish him the very best in Toronto and we're so glad he will have the opportunity to reach that milestone.  We hope he will someday be back in Anaheim but even if he isn't, we will always cherish the contributions he made in the way-to-short time he was here.

Good Luck , Brad!

- Renee