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Corey Perry


Favorite NHL city to visit
Vancouver. The atmosphere around there is pretty cool.

Favorite NHL team growing up
Montreal Canadiens

Favorite players growing up
Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky

Favorite food
Chicken, pasta and steak

What other sport would you play if you didn’t play hockey?
Golf or baseball. I never played baseball growing up, but I always wanted to.

Most famous person you’ve met outside of hockey
Cuba Gooding Jr.

Favorite actor
Matt Damon

Favorite actress
Angelina Jolie

Favorite OC restaurant
The Cannery in Newport Beach

Favorite TV shows
Prison Break, Simpsons, Big Brother

Other sports you like to watch
Golf, baseball, anything

Favorite movie
Wedding Crashers and Old School

If you could be any other Ducks player
I’d like to be Brad May, to see what goes through his head

First car
A 1985 grey Cutlass Sierra