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Updated May 2, 2013

As a Power Player, the positions we hold place us as a part of the Orange County community. It is not only our jobs that encourage us to do so, but it is a love of contributing and interacting with the fans. While this is mainly seen at official events and home games, we try to include these attributes into our daily lives.

For example, the broomball fundraiser game in April raised substantial funds for our choice of a nonprofit organization in Orange County. This organization has proven its dedication to the community with its work, and it was our pleasure to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This year, in order to complete my final project, I chose to organize a drive for collecting books and DVDs to be donated to CHOC. It was through the hardwork of many individuals, including our booster club, the Ducks Die Hards, that I was able to collect 227 children's books and 105 DVDs.

If anyone is ever looking for these opportunities, look to join the DieHards. This club is a wonderful part of the Anaheim Ducks organization and as a member for two years, I can guarantee you will be given numerous chances to volunteer and donate to Ducks and the community.

The total for donation to CHOC was an incredible feeling to know so many were supporting my drive. While we used social media at times to share the drive between friends, there were several other Power Players who showed such eagerness to participate.

We all hope to continue this work within the community and I want to thank every person who has contributed time, money and support to everything.


Updated February 15, 2013

On Saturday February 2nd, we got to celebrate the opening of the Bill Holmes Tower at the CHOC Community Day Festival. The Bill Holmes Tower is a new patient care facility and emergency department at CHOC Children’s Hospital, and what an amazing building it is!

There were live performances by Disney crews and great entertainment throughout the event for everyone to enjoy. We got to hang out with so many dedicated Ducks fans (everyone still so pumped up from our win against the Wild and passing on luck for our game against the Kings that night), walked around with Wing, and also got to visit different booths for games, pictures and yummy giveaways like ice cream. The most touching part of it all was being able to visit and take some pictures with the children who have been through so much, and still find so much to smile about.

While at the event we were able to get a guided tour and got to see parts of the new tower. One of our favorite places in the new tower was a meditation room. We all got the chills when we walked in and we really got to appreciate how much thought was put into the creation of the room.

The designers of the room wanted to make it peaceful and have a combination of things that would support all religious views. Another part that Ashley loves was an area where the creators actually bring the kids into the movie "Finding Nemo." The area has the kids stand on markers and turtle Crush comes out and personally talks to every single child standing there, brightening their day and creating memories. We were grateful that the event brought joy to so many children, and we walked away from the event feeling blessed and looking at life from a new prospective.

It is so awesome and important to us that the new tower will be able to help more children. We feel so blessed that we got to join in for the celebration of the new tower opening at CHOC!

Kelsey & Ashley

Updated February 5, 2013

The Special Olympics send-off party was one of our favorite events to work. All of the Special Olympic athletes were absolutely THRILLED to see us, and they all wanted to take many pictures. We escorted the Special Olympics floor hockey team down the red carpet and sent them off to South Korea, where they would play in the Special Olympics games.

It was definitely an honor to work this event, and we will never forget the gratitude we received. It was such a positive atmosphere at the Crowne Plaza Resort where the athletes waved their goodbyes with the biggest smiles streaming off their faces.

Before their long flight to Pyeongchang, South Korea, the athletes were surrounded by family members and many other supporters at the sendoff banquet. Over 3,000 athletes will be competing for medals this winter, including the USA teams we met. This exciting time for the over 100 participating countries is held every two years, alternating between summer and winter sports. Being able to meet the athletes of the winter sports like figure skating and floor hockey really was a memorable experience for us, and we are thankful to have been given the opportunity.

Kate, Brittnei, and Sabrina

Updated January 28, 2013

HEY HEY! With much anticipation for hockey...YOUR TEAM IS BACK!!! And so are the Power Players :)

This is Power Player Tippy and I am so excited for my first season with the Ducks. I'm so delighted to have the opportunity to blog about my experience as a Power Player. All the girls kept busy and practiced for the season.

Some precious memories of mine so far this season:

Skate Session & Mini Boot Camp
This was a much-needed bonding time with the girls. We all went to the Honda Center and had our mini boot camp with our fabulous trainer, Hillary Skahan. After our workout, we hit the ice for some stick time! We practiced our routes then played some hockey.

We skated together, played together and laughed together. We definitely had laughable and embarrassing moments, but we shared all of them with the girls.

Orange County’s Gift of History
This was an amazing event that Erin and I got to be a part of. We had thousands of kids from all over Orange Country who came to Angels Stadium to celebrate how awesome Orange County is. All the kids were chanting “O.C.! O.C.! O.C.!”

It was such an unforgettable experience. We also had the privilege to host the event with the talented Olivia Wilde from the Disney Channel. She was so sweet to take a picture with us.

Home Opener Rehearsals
It was a blast being back at home at Honda Center. Everyone was busy getting ready for our home opener game, Ducks vs. Vancouver on Friday. We have so much fun together, and what can we say...we love our job! It has been non-stop smiling and laughing.

 Your Power Players are back! We look forward to seeing you at Honda Center and we are ready to rock this season!

 <3 Tippy

Updated December 11, 2012

It was so much fun to meet and hang out on the ice with fellow Ducks fans at the Season Ticket Holders' Skate. There were people of all ages there from little kids and toddlers to parents and grandparents alike.

During the different skate sessions, the faces changed, but the excitement and the many smiles skating around the ice never did. Wild Wing was dressed in his best holiday attire in a red Santa coat and took pictures with the fans.

It was a great event and the Ducks fans were able to get out there and show off their skating skills on the same ice where the Ducks themselves play. Of course, Tippy and I had a blast and couldn't have been happier to be there and take part in such a fun event at the Honda Center!

Brittnei and Tippy

Updated December 10, 2012

A few of us are members of the Ducks Die Hards Booster Club, and we have the opportunity to volunteer at various events throughout the year.  One of the annual events we went to recently was CHOC Prep Day, where various craft supplies are put together in packages of ready-to-make art projects.  Arts and crafts were a fun and memorable experience for us as children, and it is great to know we are providing a fun activity for kids receiving treatment at CHOC hospital. 

The hospital has its very own “Anaheim Ducks Wing,” and one of the packages we put together was a cute duckling that the children can use their creativity to decorate. The Ducks Die Hards also have great benefits for fans such as fun private events planned throughout the season. 

One of the many benefits as a member of the Anaheim Ducks Die Hards Booster Club is being given the opportunity to skate on the Honda Center ice. We both have our own skates, but for those who do not own their own, the Ducks provide well-sharpened, high-quality skates for a donation of $5. All proceeds go to the Anaheim Ducks Foundation, supporting hockey programs sanctioned through Anaheim Ice throughout Southern California.

Today was just as exciting being on the ice as it ever can be. With the Zamboni cleaning the ice right before the session, it was clean, smooth and had only about 30 people skating for 45 minutes. Even Wild Wing graced the ice with his presence and photo ops. No matter how many times we get out there, the experience is always exhilarating being able to skate where professional hockey players do. Looking into the stands, we can just imagine seeing the cheering faces.

It is always a pleasure to see the Die Hards, since these are the most avid fans of our hockey team. They have such dedication and drive to promote hockey and it is wonderful to see the Ducks organization treat these fans with events such as this. We highly recommend joining. You will receive an exclusive Ducks Die Hards scarf, Ducks glass and opportunities such as this. We both look forward to participating in more events this year.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Ducks Die Hards or for more information.

Erin & Fiona

Updated November 28, 2012

We Give Thanks
Each year, the Ducks hold an event at Honda Center on Thanksgiving Day called We Give Thanks. The event is put together by thousands of volunteers, with the support of donations from various donors and sponsors.

The opportunity to volunteer during the food-prep events occurred a few days before the main event. Fiona, along with the Ducks Diehards Booster Club, spent several hours (and that was only one of the many volunteer shifts being held at the Anaheim Convention Center that week) the night before the main event chopping various vegetables such as onions, celery, and potatoes. It was amazing to see how much hard work goes into preparing a Thanksgiving meal for the expected 20,000 people.

Taking part in the 24th annual We Give Thanks event at the Honda Center on Thanksgiving Day was extremely rewarding. There were so many happy people there, both volunteering and feasting on the yummy food that was by no means in short supply.

Among the volunteers serving food were Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau, CEO Tim Ryan, broadcaster Brian Hayward and many other Ducks staff members. With more than 18,000 meals served, it was nice to know that families were going home full and smiling by the end of the day.

We took part in the opening ceremony, greeted guests and hung out with the Ducks fans and the rest of the community. Of course, Wild Wing created a crowd of excited kids and parents wherever he went, eager to have the chance to personally meet him!

It turns out Wild Wing is a talented drummer. We caught him doing a synchronized number with the drum-line crew that was up on stage! Overall, the event brought together people from various parts of Orange County, provided Thanksgiving meals for thousands of guests and reminded us how thankful we are to be part of such a great organization.

Brittnei, Fiona, Kara & Molly

Updated November 27, 2012

Maxwell Elementary School, Reading is the GOAL
In the name of reading and Southern California hockey, the Anaheim Ducks Foundation picks a handful of schools and donates books to their libraries and youth hockey equipment throughout the year. On Nov. 13 we had the opportunity to witness this extraordinary donation and transformation of Maxwell Elementary School in Anaheim. 

This program is known as Reading is the GOAL and benefits many age groups at elementary schools in Orange County. The kids and staff proved their love of reading and earned not only in-class readings by Anaheim Ducks staff, but personalized murals, newly planted trees and a brand new inline skating rink.

Read more about it here.

Just to see the expression and gratitude of the kids and elementary school staff is something we will never forget; but, it is when we went through the classrooms and interacted with the kids that we really got to see how happy they were to have us there. We started in the Kindergarten classrooms and spent around 15 minutes reading “Dino-Hockey” and pumping them up on Ducks hockey. It is the best book ever! I absolutely recommend it for anyone to read, even the adults.

The kids were so cute because some were so outspoken and vivacious in responses, and then others were a little shyer, but clearly wanted to ask us questions. The last two classes we had the pleasure of reading to were SDC (special development class), and these kids were so attentive and intrigued by what we do and what hockey is all about.

No matter what, we left each classroom with many thanks (we even got our own personal cheers in one classroom - it was so fun and we felt the appreciation for just being there) and a great appreciation for what these teachers are accomplishing.

However, the most exciting part of the day started when we got to bring our loveable mascot, Wild Wing, along with us. Although kids are generally gentle, they do tend to swarm around him. But it was funny to watch him be chased through the Kindergarten playground, climb up the stairs and go down the slide. There was a trail of kids behind him, jumping and following his every move. I don’t know if we have ever seen so many kids so in love with him at one time.

While we waited for the presentation assembly, we built a personal Lego hockey rink for Maxwell school. We hope someone found it and liked our work!

We were so proud to be a part of this day and want to thank Maxwell for their hard work and for welcoming us into their classrooms. We hope they continue a love of hockey, the Anaheim Ducks and most importantly, reading.

Ashley & Erin

Updated November 14, 2012

On Monday, November 12 we had the pleasure of volunteering with more than 150 Ducks fans, Ducks staff, alumni and coaches, to give Mattie Lou Maxwell Elementary a campus makeover as part of the Anaheim Ducks Power PLAY! project.

Upon check-in, fans donated to the Ducks book drive, which went directly to the school during the Reading is the Goal event held the following day. Volunteers were split into groups to paint murals, plant trees and gardens and install a permanent street hockey rink!

With the help of TreePeople, we planted a tree with Wild Wing, and it turned out to be a great workout! First, we spent about 45 minutes digging a large hole. Then after inserting the tree, we had to separate the dirt and roots before filling the hole with dirt. A mote of dirt was built around the base of the tree and then filled with water. After inserting the stakes, we tied the tree to the poles so it was stable.

We had to also give the tree a name, so we first came up with McDreamy, (inspired by the TV show Grey’s Anatomy)  and then we thought of an even better name – McTreemy! Ducks legend Scott Niedermayer made an appearance and also planted trees with our group.

Next we put our painting skills to the test and helped paint a Ducks logo on the handball court, and a Wild Wing in a mural on the multipurpose room wall. Coach Bruce Boudreau and his family were also among the volunteers helping paint the giant mural.

Lastly, we went to go check out the other projects that were going on, which included the installation of an awesome street hockey rink on the school campus. It is amazing to see everyone come together for a cause, and it was a great way to spend our Veteran’s Day. We are so excited to share our love of hockey with children, all the while making it an educational experience.

Go Ducks!!

Fiona, Kara & Allie