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The Ducks offer in-game birthday or anniversary messages to fans attending the game for a $30 donation to the Anaheim Ducks Foundation. The Anaheim Ducks Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs that produce positive change for children and families throughout Southern California by providing educational opportunities, broadening access to the sport of hockey and addressing the health and wellness needs of our community.

Your message will run on the ring beneath the scoreboard hanging over center ice.

Messages must be submitted at least two business days prior to the game day (i.e. Wednesday for a Friday game or Thursday for a Monday game) and will only be accepted via the online form below. The Anaheim Ducks reserve the right to edit out any inappropriate content.

Once an in-game message has been submitted, an Anaheim Ducks representative will confirm message via email. In-game messages may be purchased with credit card only.

As part of the season seat holder package, each season seat holder account is eligible to receive one free in-game message per season. Please click here to submit your request if you are a season seat holder.

Please note: Group messages placed on the end zone boards of the arena will have obstructed views in the following designated areas: Sections 401-405, 440-444 and 418-427. The Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club is not responsible for accommodating seat upgrades in order to view in-game messages.