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Updated April 13 at 4:38 p.m.

Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf spent seven hours today shooting different scenes for a segment that is going to air during the NHL Awards in June. Here are a few photos from their last couple of scenes:

Ryan and Getzlaf get in some laughs during a scene involving a Fudgesicle eating contest.

Ryan checks some voicemail between takes. (For some reason, I find this photo very funny.)

Getzlaf enjoying a drumstick between takes.

Getzlaf getting ready for a scene that involves bringing Ryan some cupcakes.

Ryan and Getzlaf had to do some portrait painting on the ice for one scene. That's Ryan's on the left, for which he told me, "You've got to get this in your blog." Believe it or not, that's supposed to be a giraffe at the bottom of Bobby's painting. 

This scene somehow involves the act of getting pants tailored turning into standing on an Olympic medal stand.

Even after seven hours or shooting, Bobby was more than happy to pose for this picture.