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Victoria from Toronto
It is difficult to pinpoint one memory of your favorite hockey player! It just comes down to his always apparent patience and determination on the ice, which seems to calm the rest of his teammates during intense moments in a game. Scotty's skill as a defenseman and levelheadedness will be missed.

Cindy from Kansas City
I had never in my life watched hockey, thought it was barbaric. In Spring 2007, it seemed my husband was traveling a lot so I had control of the TV more. It was playoffs time and I just happened to start watching. I wasn't even sure what teams I was watching at first. I noticed #27 during a closeup shot one evening and he was intense! I immediately noticed that he was smooth on his skates and always seemed to be everywhere at once. I was hooked and look what happened -- Stanley Cup Champions.

Lorrie from Los Angeles
Can't choose only one. The goal in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals against Detroit that sent it to overtime. The goal against Vancouver that won the series. Seeing him lift the Cup in '07 and pass it to his brother. Being at Honda Center his first game back after his first flirtation with retirement--the buzz in crowd, how everyone cheered every time he touched the puck. But I think most of all, four words: Best. Playoff. Beard. EVER.

Jan from Fairborn, Ohio
When Nieder was a Devil and had to play against his brother, Rob, for the Cup. His mother had publicly stated that she hoped Rob won because Scott already had his name on the Cup. It had to have been a very difficult series. I watched as he shook hands after the Devils won the Cup. He hugged his brother, Rob and said something to him. You could see the mixed emotions on his face. The next time he won the Cup it was with his brother!

Alex from Yorba Linda
Lifting the Stanley Cup for the Anaheim Ducks

Lee from Westminster
It's hard to pinpoint a favorite memory of Scotty and what he brought to the game itself and to his teammates. The easiest ones to savor are seeing him hoist the Cup in Anaheim (I was in Alberta that night and my spouse and I were the only ones in a restaurant bar cheering) in 2007 and taking the gold medal for Canada in Vancouver this past February. I also quite enjoyed watching him pound on an opposing hockey player after he patiently waited for the final second of the game to end before doing so because it was so out of character for him so you just knew the other guy really really deserved it! It's a lot of smaller things too... the skating was amazing, he never ever looked down, he always anticipated plays and was just "there." He is simply one of the very best and a real class act from start to finish. Bring on the Hall of Fame!

Tim from Tampa, Florida
I grew up a Ducks fan in Downey (near the LA-OC border) and have lived in Tampa for about eight years, but my memory of Scotty was his game-tying goal against the Red Wings in Game 5 of the West Finals in 2007 to set the stage for Teemu's game-winning goal and then the team's eventual win in the Stanley Cup Final against Ottawa. Thanks, Scotty. You've made a Duck fan in Tampa very proud.

Rick from Newport Beach
Scott banks at the same place we do and we were in line waiting for a teller when he walked in. He went over to the manager and he had his gold medal with him to show it to the manager. After showing it to him he folded it up and put it in his back pocket then joined us in line. On the way out we asked the manager what was up and he said he asked if he could see the medal the next time he came to the bank. Sure enough Scott brought it in to show him. Class act!

Heidi from Blair, Nebraska
I don't think there is enough room to name all the favorite memories of Scott. Watching him play was a joy and my biggest regret is that I did not get to an arena and watch him in person.

I believe my favorite memory of Scott was when he handed the Stanley Cup to Rob. To see Scott nod to Rob and give him the Cup was very special to witness. Knowing Scott came to Anaheim to play with Rob made that Cup exchange even more special.

Scott, you made me love the game even more. Watching you skate made me want to learn, which I did. You gave the team a special kind of confidence and I could see how it helped the other guys on the ice. The newer guys will always treasure the time spent playing the game with you. I know that whatever you are going to do you will do it with all the grace you showed us while playing. Enjoy all the time you have with your wife and boys because as you know they grow up way too fast. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Bucky from Vancouver, BC
Living in Vancouver as a Ducks fan, it was a challenge to catch the Ducks in town, much less meet them in person. Scott was the first Duck I've ever met in person and he was gracious from the start. He is one of the biggest reasons why I'm proud of being a Ducks fan in enemy territory.

Cassie from Los Angeles
It was maybe the season after the Ducks won the Stanley Cup, and it was Fan Fest. I have a picture that my friend (who was a Devils fan) got me for Christmas, of Scott holding the Stanley Cup above his head. My goal was to get it signed by him....That was my ONLY goal that night, everyone else could wait. When I got up to him, he made small talk, took a picture with me and signed both my picture and a sign from the Team Store as well...he probably thought looking at the picture it would end up on eBay, but it's going to be hung in my office at home.

Also, he made my oldest stepson (also named Scot - but spelled differently) a hockey fan, and the highlight for him was finally being able to get a puck signed by him...and even though you can't tell what it says, he knows that it was signed by Scott. He is keeping it in a case, which will eventually go next to the (soon to be) framed rookie playing cards of Scott as well.

Marty from Cerritos
My oldest son was a burgeoning Ducks fan when they signed Scott and my son took an instant liking to him mainly because his first name is also Scott. Well, the next year my wife miraculously became pregnant with our second child and we found out we were having another boy. After much discussion between my wife and me, we decided on a name and it just so happened that there was a Ducks game that night. So we told our Scott what name we had picked out for his brother at the game. He thought about it for a moment and then in all seriousness informed us that he didn't care what his new brother's name was, he was going to call him Rob. He said he could tell by the way Scott and Rob Niedermayer played that they looked out for each other and cared about each other and that's the way he felt about his new baby brother. So that is how Jack Palmer Knowles became Robert Jack Knowles. My wife and I have our own Scott and Rob and we couldn't be more proud of them and their name-sakes. Thank you Scott Niedermayer for being a terrific role model for our oldest son, Scott.

Donna from Newport Beach
There are so many great memories of Scotty. For me, the goal against Luongo, who fell on his face in despair when he was scored on, is one of the best. Also, the way Scotty strapped the team on his back and led by example to get through each round of the playoffs on the way to the Stanley Cup was amazing.

The game has lost a talented, classy, and humble star. He will be greatly missed.

Jimmy from Brea
The way he handled Alfredsson after the hard shot on foot during cup Game 4 in Ottawa. He then told his teammates to let it go.

Edwin from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Seeing that goal at the last second in Western Confernce Finals vs Detroit in 2007 was truly amazing. Tying the game up in Game 5 was something that stood in my mind. It gave me hope and pride after Teemu scored the goal and later the Ducks won the WCF. Truly it makes me smile each moment I see it. I am proud to be a Ducks fan no matter what.

Ryan of Saugus
Ripping the Cup outta Gary Bettman's hand. Gimme that Cup! I have a brother to give this to!!

Valerie of Gardena
It's gotta be the smooth, effortless skating. He'd be deep in the offensive zone, and then before you knew it, he'd be the first one back on defense. Unbelievable. Seemed like it happened multiple times every game.