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Q. Which games are subject to dynamic pricing?

A. All Ducks single game tickets will be dynamically priced for the current season.

Q. Will Season Ticket Holders be subject to dynamic pricing?
A. No. Dynamic pricing only applies to single game tickets. As always, being a Ducks Season Ticket Holder guarantees fans that they will pay the lowest price for their select seat.

Q. Will game packages (mini-plans) be subject to dynamic pricing?
A. Packages provide great opportunities for fans to purchase multiple tickets at set discounts based on standard ticket prices. These packages will not be affected by dynamic pricing.

Q. How do you decide when to raise or lower prices?
A. We have extensive software that analyzes multiple data points. Timing for price adjustments is not pre-determined and will depend entirely on market conditions.

Q. What happens if prices lower after I buy my tickets?
A. Tickets are always priced based on market demand. While prices may increase leading up to a game, there may be times where prices decrease should conditions change. As with all of our tickets, all sales are final.

Q. Does this change how I purchase my tickets?
A. Not at all. Fans will be able to continue to purchase their single game tickets the same way they have in the past; online through the Ducks website, through Ticketmaster channels, as well as at the Honda Center box office.

Q. Do Dynamically Priced Tickets have service or order processing fees at checkout?
A. No, with the Ducks “No Surprise Fee” program, you do not pay any service fees or processing fees for single game tickets, nor any delivery fees for mail, will call, for print at home, or when you forward tickets. The only time you may incur a fee is if you choose an alternative delivery method such as UPS, Fed Ex, etc.

Q. How do I find out what the price is for a ticket or when there is a good deal?
A. You will always be able to see all the ticket prices on the Ducks dynamic pricing grid, so be sure to check there regularly. Be the first to know about the latest dynamic pricing changes and other offers by signing up for the Ticket Deals email.
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