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Periodically, we will be providing useful tips to make your Ducks Mobile App experience more complete. Here is the latest:


The Ducks Mobile App has extensive info on Ducks players like bios, stats and more.

Simply tap PLAYER INFO from the Menu, then choose a player from the list (you can sort by uniform number or name).
  • After the player's action shot comes up, tap the plus sign in the lower right-hand corner (see below) to see that player's info.
  • Scroll down on that screen to see the last five games log, season stats and career stats. If you want to share that info via Facebook, Twitter or email, tap the Share button in the top right-hand corner.

Sharing Content

Frequently there is Ducks content that you might want to share with your friends, whether it's through an email or on Facebook, or to your followers on Twitter.
To help fans spread the word of exciting Ducks news or cool content using their mobile device, the Ducks Mobile App is equipped with an easy sharing tool. 

It's easy to do on the App, just by tapping the button with the Share icon on the top right of the screen, whether you're reading a news story or looking at a photo. See below:

Standings and Scores

With the Ducks fighting for playoff position, the latest NHL scores and standings are more important than ever. You can follow both on the Ducks Mobile App by touching MENU and then STANDINGS AND SCORES:
  • When you touch the STANDINGS button at the top of the screen, you can see the standings by Conference or Division, with the Ducks position highlighted. Turn your phone sideways to see extended standings info, including home record, away record, last 10 and current streak:
  • When you touch the SCORES button at the top of the screen, find the latest scores from around the NHL. Tap the refresh button on the bottom right of the screen to see the most updated scores:

Past Tip
  • You can follow the progress of a current Ducks game in the mobile app's Live In-Game section. While in that section, make sure to touch Box Score at the top of the screen:
  • From there, you can follow updated stats, a scoring summary, penalty summary and more by scrolling up on the top half of the screen, as seen here:
  • Meanwhile, you can follow the play-by-play of the game by scrolling on the lower half of the screen. And get the most updated stats and play-by-play by touching the refresh button on the bottom right of the screen:
If you have any questions about the mobile app, including suggestions for more tips, please email us or give us your thoughts below.