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Year as a Power Player:

Grad student at CSUF studying Kinesiology

Career Goal:
Become a professor for Kinesiology

Why did you want to become a Power Player?
Hockey is my all-time favorite sport and not only have I played It for 11 years, but at my first Ducks game, I saw the Power Players on the ice and knew I wanted to be one of them.

What are you most looking forward to this season?
Beating the Kings and watching all of their fans walk silently out of the arena after the game.

What's your most memorable Ducks moment?
J.S. Giguere winning the Conn Smythe in 2003.

Favorite part about hockey:
The intensity. There is constantly something going on every second, and there is never a dull moment.

If you played hockey, what position would you want to play?
I do play hockey and I’ve played all positions (forward, defense, goalie, and even coach). But I mostly am a forward.

What do you in your free time? 
When I do have free time, I love to watch sports, work out, and go karaoking.

What's something unique about you that most people don't know?
I like to participate in pie-eating contests. And I win.

Describe your personal style:
I feel I’m a practical dresser, but I love to accessorize. Cool tones are usually my color palette because they complement my skin, hair and eyes. I also like my feet to be free. Sandals on every occasion except Vegas, workouts, and snow.

What do you do to stay fit?
I love to play sports so I do that to be physically active. I also just love running, biking, and rebelling against convenience. 

What are some of the most played songs on your iPod?
“You and I” by Lady Gaga, just because it is my ab workout song.

What are three things that you cannot live without?
My family, friends and sports.

Biggest pet peeve:
People texting and walking. I’ve learned to just stop and let them run into me.

Guilty pleasure:
I like to rap Eminem.

Go-to karaoke
song: “You Oughtta Know” by Alanis Morrissette or “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem.

#1 bucket list item is:
Go skydiving in Australia.

Favorite sport to play:
Hockey, hands down.

Favorite season:
Winter because I love the cold weather.

Favorite Holiday:
Christmas! I love going shopping and buying people gifts.

Favorite place in Orange County: 
Not the 91 freeway. Probably the hills in Orange. I love going on trail runs and looking at the view of Orange County with the beach in the distance.

Favorite movie of all time:
I can’t pick just one all-time favorite movie, but I can quote "Matilda" word for word from watching it as a kid.