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Birthplace: Fontana
Year(s) as a Power Player: 3rd year
Occupation: Executive Assistant to CEO and Internal Marketing for Frost Venture Partners.
Why did you become a Power Player? I love hockey and my dad grew up in Canada playing the game, so it has always been a part of my life. It is an awesome opportunity to be a part of a sport my family and I love.
What are you looking forward to most this year? I am looking forward to watching the growth and potential of our rookies. They are our future and it is amazing to see the new and old team work together.
Favorite part of hockey:
It has always been the sheer intensity and passion of the players, employees and fans of our team that I really love.
Favorite Ducks moment: I will never forget two summers ago when I taught Teemu Selanne how to skate our ice routes! I literally held the shovel with him and skated during the Fedorin Cup charity game. It was definitely the best experience I can think of for me.
Position you would play in hockey: I would focus on defense, since that is where I played soccer for most of my life. My mindset is always more focused defensively than it is offensively.
What you like to do in your free time: I love playing sports and tennis is one I particularly love to do on my own on a bounce-back court. I also love spending time with my beloved Pomeranian, Meiko.
Something unique about you: My dad is from a city in Saskatchewan, Canada, which just happens to be the same city our captain Ryan Getzlaf is from. In fact, Getzlaf and my cousin there grew up playing hockey together until he was drafted to the NHL. It is something unique about my family and because of the coincidence, he has always been my favorite player, and I’m proud to root for him and have him for our captain.
Your personal style: Laid back with a fashionable sense (when I put in the effort, haha). If you ever see me before or after our games, I’m usually in sweats though.
What you do to stay fit: I like doing a little bit of cardio and varying my workouts with weights or body resistance every time. I get bored if I do the same routine day after day.
Most played songs on your iPod right now: Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips, Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation and any Jimmy Eat World song.
Guilty Pleasure: Almost anything sweet, particularly Kit-Kats. I have a dangerous “sweet tooth.”
Top bucket list item: I want to play tennis with any pro tennis player who was on the top of the tour within the last 10 years. I love the sport and my dad was a pro, so I think I can manage at least rallying with a pro (if they don’t hit too hard, haha).
Favorite sport to play: Soccer. I know I talk a lot about tennis, but soccer is my first love. It’s just difficult to play alone.
Favorite season: Spring. It has warmed up again, my birthday is in May, plus hockey playoffs are in the spring and it is the best time because every game is so intense.
Favorite holiday: Christmas. I love the decorations and atmosphere, plus presents are always fun to open.
Favorite movie of all time: Boondock Saints. I have seen it so many times and I love it every time.