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Birthplace: La Verne

Year(s) as a Power Player: Second year

Occupation: Nanny

Career Goal: High School Biology Teacher

Why did you want to become a Power Player? I loved the job last year and wanted to experience working a full season. I felt like I didn’t get a full experience because of the lockout. I also love hockey and I am a huge Ducks fan. I am biologically wired to love hockey because I have some Canadian in my blood. I have grown up around hockey and I even played roller hockey when I was little. This is the perfect job for me because I get to watch and talk about hockey. I also love all the charity work the Power Players do and I am excited to work with all the amazing girls that are on the team this year.

What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to the Ducks having another shot at winning the cup. The playoffs were frustrating last year and it’s time for them to take care of some unfinished business. We have a unique mix of talented rookies and veterans that will help make a great season.

Favorite part about hockey: The physicality. It is so different than other sports because a full-on fist fight can break out at any time. The game is fast-paced, and the physical element remains throughout the whole game. It just helps prove how tough hockey players are.

What is your favorite Ducks moment? When the Ducks knocked the Sharks out of the playoffs in 2009. The Ducks barely made it into the playoffs and the Sharks came in ranked number one. My friends who are Sharks fans always argue hockey with me, and it was so nice to watch those games with them. It helped remind them that the Ducks are the better team.

If you played hockey, what position would you want to play? I would be the enforcer. Even though I look small and innocent, I can hold my own. Playing sports gets my adrenaline going, and when I played water polo I was often the “enforcer” for my team. If players on the other team were playing dirty or giving players on my team a hard time I would “handle” the situation.

Favorite place in Orange County: The beach. It is the one place where I can relax and feel at peace. I love going surfing with my family, and the beach reminds me of great family memories we have had.

What do you in your free time? I love to hang out with my friends and do activities outdoors. I love to go sailing, surfing and hiking. My faith is also really important to me, so I love to look for opportunities to grow spiritually.

Favorite sport to play: Water polo. I love being in the water, and the sport is similar to hockey because it is fast-paced and physical.

Favorite season: Summer! I don’t really enjoy being cold, and summer is the one season where I rarely get cold. I also love being outside, and it's the perfect season to be at the beach.

Favorite holiday: Christmas because I love spending time with my family. My family has lots of traditions, which makes the whole month of December an exciting time.

What's something unique about you that most people don't know? I am a total science nerd, and love to challenge myself to be fearless. I had a natural science minor in college and now love to teach and talk about science. It is also parallel with my goal to be fearless because I love learning and trying new things. I have eaten scorpions, crickets, mealworms, rattlesnake, etc. and even went skydiving. I feel like my uniqueness will help me be a great biology teacher someday.

Describe your personal style: Beach chic because I am either in a swim suit or dressing up for a fun night with the girls.

What do you do to stay fit? I try to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. I love to go on hikes, go surfing and do lots of mini workouts while watching TV at night. I don’t like going to the gym, so I do workout videos at home with friends. It is really important for me to stay healthy, which is why I try to have a balanced diet and keep myself active.

What are some of the most played songs on your iPod? Song by by The Script, The Fray, and Colbie Caillat. I really love calm, happy, relaxing songs.

What are three things that you cannot live without? People, steak and cotton candy. I am a people person and rarely like to be alone. Steak is basically amazing, and it’s hard to go a week without eating a juicy hunk of steak. Cotton candy is like a secret addiction of mine that I can eat and immediately feel happier.

Biggest pet peeve: Bad parents. Having a child is the best gift someone can be blessed with. It upsets me that some parents don’t appreciate what they have and do not put their child first. Graduating with a major in child and adolescent studies has made me have a stronger love for children.

Guilty pleasure: Watching reality TV shows. I love the Real Housewives and The Bachelor.

Go-to karaoke song: Wanna Be by Spice Girls. I have probably sung it horribly over 20 times.

Top bucket list item: To swim with sharks at the Galapagos Islands.

Favorite movie of all time: It is a tie between Elf and A Walk to Remember. You can’t choose between a great romance movie and an amazing comedy.